About Zoccam

ZOCCAM is a mobile payments application designed to alleviate the industry’s reliance on in-person delivery, web based, and wire transfers for real estate transactions.

ZOCCAM’s patented and regulatory compliant platform deposits earnest money and cash to close right from your smart device.

ZOCCAM connects directly to the bank via a secure file transfer protocol to deliver “good funds” to the settlement agents escrow account.

ZOCCAM’s unique technology eliminates the hassle of mailing or delivering checks while also mitigating the ever-present risks of fraud and loss.

ZOCCAM accepts traditional checks or allows the home buyer to create an electronic check within the app for those without a checkbook.

Why NCTI chose Zoccam

ZOCCAM is the first and fastest growing payments delivery application in the national marketplace. It is trusted by the national title insurance underwriters, settlement agents, law firms, banks, and real estate conglomerates in the county.
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